actress, director, tutor, founder of “Oneness Act”


“Spoonface Steinberg” by Lee Hall , experimental & experiential research (directing)

“Katadikos” by Konstantinos Theotokis, dir. Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou  (Margarita)

“The Dream” vivid street theatre. Project by Marina Kalogirou & Archontissa Kokotsaki, dir. Yorgos Karamalegos – Old Town of Chania

“Women Portraits” musical monologues with contemporary music orchestra of greek radio, comp. Theodoros Lembesis -Municipal Theatre of Piraeus – Ancient Theatre of Dodoni  (dramaturgy & performing)

“Ring” by Leonore Confino, dir.  So7- Th. Tsaltampasis  (Camille)

“Ekeinon ti mousiki”  musical monologues, composer: Theodoros Lembesis – Temple of Poseidon Sounio  (dramaturgy & performing)

“Secret engagement” by Gregorios Xenopoulos, dir. Sotiris Hatzakis – National Theatre of Greece  (Thaleia)

“Madwoman of Chaillot” by Jean Giraudoux, dir. Petros Zoulias – National Theatre of Greece  (Irma)

“Rose Tattoo”   by Tennessee Williams, dir. Esther Andre Gonzalez – Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun  (Rosa)

“My Fair Lady”   musical based on George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion”, dir. Kostis Tsonos  (Eliza)

“Assembly women”   by Aristophanes, dir. Nana Nikolaou, Vassilis Mirianthopoulos – Odeon of Herodes Atticus  (Young Woman)

“Crime and Punishment”   by Dostoyevsky, dir. Yannis Vouros  (Sonya)

“The Collector”   by John Fowles, dir. Dimitris Lignadis  (Miranda)

“Ancestors”   dance theater, dir./choreographer Sofia Spiratou – Athens, Istanbul

“How to say”   dance theater, dir./chor. Marouso Karaleka

“Heracles Enraged”   by Euripides, dir. Theodoros Terzopoulos, Attis theatre – Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus – world tour -Theatre Olympics Moscow


”Kazantzakis” film by Giannis Smaragdis (female leading) / Best Actress Nomination ( 51 Houston International Film Festival)

“Robinson à la cool” french short film by Nafsika Guerry-Karamaounas (female leading)

“What If…”   film by Christopher Papakaliatis (female leading) / Award for Best Actress ( SevenArt Awards)

“The last farse”   film by Vassilis  Raisis (female leading)

“Dos”   greek-spanish film by Stathis Athanasiou (female leading)

“Well kept secrets – Athanasia”   by Panos Karkanevatos  (leading) / Best Actress Nomination (Thessaloniki Film Festival)

“Real life”   greek-french film by Panos X. Koutras  (female leading) / Best Actress Nomination (Thessaloniki Film Festival)

“The sound of the wave”  short film by Antonis Samourakis (female leading)

“Tomb rider 2 The gradle of life”  american film by Jan De Bont  (small participation)

“A touch of spice”  by Tasos Boulmetis

“Tomorrow will be late”  by Laya Yiourgou  (female leading)


“Last Performance-Elli Lambeti”   by Reina Eskenazi (leading) / Best Actress Nomination (“Prosopa” Greek Television Awards)

“Witches of Smyrna”   by Kostas Koutsomitis (leading)

“10th Commandment”   by Panos Kokkinopoulos (female leading)

“San gliko tou koutaliou”   by Reina Eskenazi (female leading)

“Erotas opos erimos”   by Reina Eskenazi (female leading)

“Guilty or innocent”   by Grigoris Karantinakis (female leading)

“Eroica”   by Panos Kokkinopoulos (female leading)

“Niovi was dancing her life”   movie by Alexandros Papailiou

“Miss Karava”   movie by Despina Karvela


“Contemporary Theatre of Athens” acting school (1999)

“I.S.T.D. dance Academy of London”, teaching diploma (1996)


Born in Athens 1978 & mother of  a boy

Founder of  “Oneness Act”, a non profit organisation (2019) together with Kaifi Iraklis Kokkologannis (trainer/ facilitator), Nikos Koustenis (photographer) and Elena Ntosa (production manager).  A group of creators who act for Unity through artistic, spiritual, humanitarian and educational projects.

Jury member of the 24th Athens International Film Festival

Studied in various forms of physical and spiritual practise, such as contemporary dance, chorologie, rhythmic, oriental, flamenco, latin, jazz, bollywood, 5 rythms dance, yoga, hara centering, tai chi, Osho meditations and Groups. Tantra, Zazen, Vipassana retreats and Ayurveda seminars.

Acting tutor ( Meditation in Acting – ancient teachings – Sufism, Zen, Tantra, Noh theatre), physical and performing theatre : Acting Schools, workshops, private lessons, groups, seminars to Radio producers. In 2018 creates  “Personal Expression” Workshop for actors

Facilitator in OSHO Meditations

Since 2014 works occasionally as an art director in municipality of Alimos (cultural centre & cinema festivals). Creator of the cultural program “Life is beautiful”

“Games of God” Meditation and creative awareness for children

Theatrical adaptations & dramaturgy

Worked as a dancer and dance teacher. Taught theatrical play, staged and directed plays with children (1996-1999)

Singing in “Three Seasons” album, composed by George Kyriakos

Producer, scriptwriter, director and editor of the video clip “Tipota den itane”

Seminars: Tomaz Pandur (Macbeth/ Shakespeare), Nikos Mastorakis (Three Sisters/ Chekhov), Orestes Dikaios (Oedipus/ Sophocles).